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Most people live with at least a pet in their houses. Other people look at such lining as unsustainable. This is not the case in reality. There are some dogs which you can live with even in a tiny apartment. Here are some you should look at.
Pugs are the friendliest, and therefore suit such close proximity. They will also not discriminate against other dogs. You should be ready to care for them more when they age, as that is when their health deteriorates considerably.
Great Danes are also good for their silence. They are huge dogs but you will not bother your neighbors. They will also serve as friendly pet and guard dog, due to their size and well-known smartness. They also have a relatively long lifespan, spawning about 7 – 10 years. You can read more here on what else to look at when choosing a dog.
Chihuahuas are the most suited for apartment living. Their small size fits in well with any dimensions of an apartment. They are friendly and low maintenance. They will work well with minimal exercise daily. You shall find them adorable.
There is also the Bichon Frise in similar proportions. With a little exercise in a day, they will not bother you much. They shall fit in an apartment rather well. You should only make sure you take good care of their fluffy coats. You will have to foot he grooming bills. The good news is their coats are hypoallergenic. If you have any allergies, this breed will not aggravate it. They are alert and curious dogs, which makes them good company to any guests who come over.
You will also appreciate apartment living with a Standard Poodle. It is an elegant and smart dog that grows to be at most 70 pounds. You will also find them to be easy to train. They also do not have to have intense levels of activity. You can keep them happy with a daily walk. This shall also be your time to do some exercising. You need to also schedule a regular grooming session, to keep its wonderful fur looking that great. You can do so after every six weeks.
You will not miss something amazing from these breeds presented. By getting a dog for the family, you will have some exciting times. When you look at this list presented, you will not miss one that everyone in the family will love and live with in harmony. You can check out how much space the dog will need, and how much of it is in the apartment. You can go to this site, to discover more ways you will live with the pet well.

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