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Important Celebrities that are Making a Lot of Difference in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry as taking a fresh range especially because of the legalization to use different cannabis product in different US states. It is also taking a new turn because of the discovery of the medicament is fit of using the cannabis products. this is where you find that more and more people are gravitating towards the cannabis industry. this is why you find business people and other companies are actually investing a lot in the cannabis industry. Not only a business people entering into it, but also celebrities into the cannabis industry in different dimensions. Here are some interesting names of celebrities that are making headlines in the cannabis industry.

Snoop Dogg also known as Calvin Broadus Junior is well known as a popular celebrity who is also very much into the cannabis industry. Since the 1990s when starting becoming famous, is love for marijuana has not changed at all. He is actually one of the unofficial spoke person in this inresponsibilityuse he has responscannabis-relatedes of cannabis related products. For example, you find them a lot when it comes to the rolling papers, shatter wax, and edibles and many others. He is also among the owners of Canopy Growth which is one of the largest growing cannabis company in the world.

Don’t forget that Mike Tyson is also among the celebrities making waves in the cannabis industry. Mike Tyson known for his boxing career has a piece of land in the Mojave Desert where he grows a mass amount of the cannabis plant, but above that he is also a great smoker of this product. In the farm, any tourist can actually visit you can enjoy the beautiful plantation in the desert.

Another celebrity that is actually entrenched in the cannabis industry is Melissa Etheridge who is a songwriter and singer. After she was organized with breast cancer in 2004, she was declared cancer free later and from that moment she started supplying marijuana and other marijuana products in the local area especially dispensaries through her California farm. Most of the times she focuses on organic cannabis compared to other products. Motivation, however, is to ensure that people get to recover from elements that can actually be cured through the cannabis product and you can read more to understand the benefits of using cannabis product on this website.

Jimmy Buffet underhand is a celebrity that uses the products for recreational purposes but is also a great intrapreneur into the cannabis industry. There are many others that you can read more about such as Willie Nelson, Whoopi Goldenberg, Tony Chong, and many others.