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Tips for Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Your Workplace

Generally, most women experience sexual harassment at their workplace. Dealing with this form of harassment is tricky because you rely on your job for your livelihood and you do not want to lose it. The best thing about is that there are laws that help to protect people who report cases about sexual harassment. For you to deal with sexual harassment at work, deliberate on the effective ways of what you are supposed to do.

The initial thing you need to do is to document the event of sexual harassment. It is highly recommendable to keep a record of the incident of sexual harassment in the place or work. When writing the details concerning the incident, you are advised to ensure that all aspects are included in the record. When writing the ultimate details that happened at the incident, What was done, who was there and what was said should ensure they are included in the record as well. It is advisable to get the signatures of all the witnesses that were present during the sexual harassment incident. Once you have done your recording, ensure the date is right there and then place it at a safer place, where no one else can find it.

When dealing with sexual harassment at work, it is essential to gather evidence. In most cases the perpetrator may decide to refute your allegations and so you need to have watertight evidence against him.Make sure you have enough evidence before taking it to the management. For instance you can use photos if you had been sent inappropriate ones, messages or emails. You need to print them and file them together with your report of the incident.

Next you are required to take the case to the supervisor or the manager. You are free to take your claim to the administration after you have your proof together as well as the records. You need to write a formal letter to ask for a one-on-one meeting with the HR or the Supervisor. During the session you are required to describe and proof to them about what took place. For your data sake, it is advisable to get your copies as well.

It is wise to forward your concerns to the highest office. Need may arise to go to the last office if your claim were not appropriately attended by the supervisor or the HR. Point out your dissatisfaction about how your claims were catered for in the lower offices to the highest office. Avail all statements and testimony of mistreatment.

There might arise a need to seek help from an advocate. If nothing happens from your company in regards to your case, you can seek the help of a lawyer. If you want to read and discover more ways of dealing with sexual harassment at work, consider to click at different sites that have been written by different authors to read and get more info as well.