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Different Tech Hacks and Tips That Will Help
It is funny to think about how technology has been used in people’s lives for over a decade where people get to get different reports about what is going on in the world. Most people spend their working hours interacting with different types of technology though it has the advantages and disadvantages, many people enjoy life and with ease because of technology. If you want to keep up with the current technology than you need to be updated and use different tech hacks that will improve your life.

You will get many benefits once you realize the full potential of your phone. You can easily use a built-in magnifying mode in your mobile phone by going to the settings under accessibility so you can turn on the magnifier anytime you are using the camera. It will be easy to check details or small objects in your phone once the magnifying mode is activated for a better view.

If you want to hear everything happening in a room remotely then you can turn on live listening on your mobile phone, so you can keep track of everything happening around. If you plan to use live listening then it is essential to make sure you are doing it carefully, and it will be an excellent feature for parents. You can use the google compare feature when you want to learn about two products you are interested in using so you can choose materials without any stress.

Using YouTube makes it hard for people to avoid the age restrictions by ensuring the add ‘NSFW’ on the front of the YouTube in the URL so people will be redirected to another site with the same video without restrictions. There are useful devices you can purchase like a wireless bridge if you want to connect on a wireless network when you have an Ethernet capable device. People need to know how to setup the wireless bridge if they want to keep connecting the Ethernet device to run off a wireless access point.

Numerous people make a typo on their iPhone and try to move the cursor to fix the mistake, but if your fingers are bigger than the given area then you can move your finger on both sides of the space bar so you can move the cursor remotely. Encouraging the children to read will be easier when you use different television subscriptions to ensure your children only read subtitles of shows they enjoy watching by turning down the volume. Charging the phone to full battery is a problem for many people since they have busy schedules but you can ensure it reaches maximum charge by putting it on airplane mode.