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More about how Composite Materials Are used in Modern Technologies

Composite materials do benefit a structure. The composite theory, properties of materials and its varied processing techniques have been recognized through research in order to bring strength with low weight to composite bonded structures. A composite material refers to one which is comprised of at least two elements which, when mixed together, create material properties that differ from the properties of those elements on their own. In practice, a lot of composites are consist of the matrix, a type of reinforcement, put in mostly to strengthen and to add stiffness to the matrix. Typically, reinforcement comes in fibre form.

There are three basic types of man-made composites. The first type is the Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs), often called as the Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) or Plastics. These kind of materials use a number of fibres such as aramid, glass and carbon as the reinforcement, as well as polymer-based resin as the matrix. The next one is the Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) and are commonly utilized in the automotive industry. These materials have a metal like aluminium as the matrix and fibres like silicon carbide as the reinforcement. The last type is the Ceramic Matrix (CMCs) that are typically used in high temperature environments. These materials use a ceramic as the matrix and the reinforcement are short fibres like those that are made from silicon carbide and boron nitride. There are more about these types that you can know. Innovative solutions for your composite needs are now made possible with the use of advanced technology, making the most reliable composite structures used for aerospace and construction industry needs, for example.

More about the Use of Composites in Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industries have benefited so much from the composite technologies in terms of manufacturing and designing some of their products when it comes to cost and weight reduction as well as recyclability. as opposed to traditional steel, composite materials have various weight and structural advantages that have been largely helpful to this industry. In the aerospace industry, the light-weight but hard composites can manage high altitude pressures and many abuse. Composites can bear a variety of temperature ranges which makes it ideal to use in some parts of the aircraft.

More about Composite Technology in Construction Industry

Composite technologies have hugely affected the construction industry as well. These materials are widely used in a number of ways because of their characteristics which offer effective solutions to a variety of construction needs. Composites are highly used in construction industry because it is very durable even in harsh conditions, can be easily fixed, very low maintenance, and fore resistant.

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