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The Effects That Come with Leaving Kids on TV For Too Long
Research shows that children as young as 8 years of age spend a whopping four hours and more of their day in front of a screen across the world today. Even though there are many other priorities that such children can indulge in such as going to school, spending time with family and doing their homework, most kids today still spend so much time on the screen than they do with the above essential activities. It is interesting to learn that it is some parents that push their kids to spend so much time on the screen as a way of getting the value of the money that they on the subscriptions which is such a sad and unfortunate scenario. Every parent and guardian in the world today must understand that even though children find it fun and amazing to spend their time on the screen, there are major and numerous effects that come with the same that both parties eventually have to deal with in the end. For any parent that may be making the mistake of allowing the young ones to watch too much TV and play games on their computer, they should read through some of the effects that they may be exposing the kids to as discussed below.

It is vital to note that allowing kids to have excessive screen time does not leave them with any time to take part in the physical exercise which compromises their process of growth and development. Spending more of their time on the screen means that the same kid will not have any more time to spare and take part in physical activities which are meant to keep them active and healthy. Anyone that grew up some time back can attest to a very different lifestyle whereby playing outside was the order of the day and the most awaited moment of the day. Such moments were always a blast but the case is not the same anymore as the only way the contemporary children socialize is by hanging out watching movies and TV or sending time before the screen. It is for such reasons that every one in five children in the US is obese which explains why it is time to cut on the screen time and push the kids to go out and play as it allows them to stay active and healthy.

Another reason why it is vital to minimize the screen time for children today is that it is very difficult and challenging to control the content they watch which may easily expose them to inappropriate programs in the end. The only sure way of limiting the risk of exposure is by allowing the kids to play outdoors as the parental filters that most parents invest in may not be the most effective as there is always some unsuitable content that slips through the cracks and the little ones eventually stumble on it. Outdoor playtime is the best option for parents that may not have time to follow up on their children’s online activities.