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The Coming of The Flying Cars

There is a wind of change that is going to wipe into the transportation industry. This revolution was attempted in the past century but stopped then. Some of the scientists who invented the airplanes back in the 1920s wanted everyone to own an inexpensive personal aircraft. Unfortunately, that thought did not succeed. Although it stalled, many of those scientists believed flying cars are inevitable. Idea dreamers, predicted that the production and the right to own the flying cars will become true to all. To achieve it, the combination of the motor car and of the airplane is indispensable for this respect. Now, there are scientific development and researches that are being put in place so as to accomplish this vision. These searches are being done in many places.

In this great scientific discovery, modern sophisticated technology plays the key role. Likewise, other modern great discovers technology has to be involved in. There will be a secure mode of operating these machines. The truth is, developing computerized technology for flying is safer than street driving. Unlike on the ground, there is nothing to collide within the sky.

In contrast, to the traditional vehicles, the flying cars will only be using electricity. Yes, the traditional transportation machines use fuel case the pollution of the environment, thanks to these new coming cars, the carbon realizes will be reduced. These machines are agile; such that will zip in and out of the squeezed urban environment without disturbance. In many workrooms, experts are working hard to build supportive batteries in order for the flying vehicle to get far. Apart from that, the decent infrastructures to host a network of these flying vehicles are still to be built. In a corresponding manner, multiple companies from different countries are working together to establish landing amenities, recharging stations and air-traffic software to monitor them.

In Europe this exercise has already been tested. Recently, a five-seated concept aircraft was tested and that has been the second exercise after another attempt which was made in 2017. Yes, these cars can fly but there is still more effort to be put into some areas in order to ensure safety. For that reason, the latest flying car model has come up with more 36 independent rotor engines fixed across the car wing. Even when the car experienced dysfunctions while flying, it will stay upward. If all works are finished on time, these flying cars will start to work in the third decade of this century.

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